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                             Welcome to F.I.R.S.T. Financial Inmate Resource Services by Tara. This company was founded to assist Inmates
                             and their families with a variety of services, specializing in finances. During the process from arrest to release,
                             it can be a very confusing time for not only the person incarcerated but also their family and friends.

                             Often people would like to help or obtain information and may not know how. This is where we can help!
                             With a simple call to our office we can guide you through some of the confusion. During my experience
                             as a legal secretary, I was often frustrated with the Attorney's I worked for not helping out because they said,
                                                                              "It wasn't worth their time".

                             To the person sitting in jail, money makes a huge difference in the quality of their stay.
                             I often thought to myself, I wish I could do something more. That is why I started this business!
                             This is not a legal service of any type, we do not give any type of legal advice.
                             What we can offer is information on how the system works, assist with finances and other services.
                             Our company is based in North East Florida, and the staff has more than 10 years experience in the industry.
                                                                  Please call us today at (904) 405-3312

                                                             Reliable Service

                                                                                       Our company motto

                             "Putting Your Needs First "

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Financial Inmate Resource Services by Tara
P.O. Box 11857 Jacksonville, Florida 32239
Phone: (904) 405-3312
Phone: (904) 302-7355
email: tara@inmatesfirst.com